What is Participation Officers

Participation Officers, abbreviated as a "PO". All the POs form a "PO Network," which is in cooperation with each other to promote the cooperation of the various ministries.

How is a PO produced?

According to "the Executive Yuan and its subordinate organs of open government participation officers implementation points," at least one person is appointed by each agency. Usually, they are colleagues in public relations, comprehensive regulations, examination management, or information. They may also form a group to act together.

What does a PO do?

The most important task is to assist the public sector to listen to the opinions of the non-specific public, and even to plan policies in cooperation. The most important source of the non-specific public may be the vast number of netizens, but it may also be the people who have less Internet access. So what are the qualities of POs? We recommend that POs have a passion for public communication, be familiar with policy content, and make good use of web tools.

What skills do POs need?

POs need to take some time to learn the following techniques and gradually internalize the spirit of an open government in the process of practice.


If you want to discuss the policy, you need to meet and discuss in addition to participating in the online dialogue. To help people understand each other in the meeting and find a feasible solution, open government needs the assistance of professional hosting.


PO is like a translating machine, helping colleagues in the public sector understand what netizens say, and helping the latter understand what the public sector says. After all, if the two sides have different understandings of the same matter, they will not be able to communicate.


Through text, video, or voice, records make the process of policy communication open and transparent. They not only help build mutual trust, but also allow tracking of policy progress and involve more people. It's like a transparent kitchen and a record of production and marketing that makes people more comfortable with the food.

How does a PO Network work?

A PO Network should contact all parties in the event of an issue.

PO Metwork

Inside the network

Integrate internal views

Outside the network

Understand the views expectations of the public on this issue

Vertical liaison

Views from all levels of the public sector

Horizontal liaison

Positions and scopes of the relevant ministries

PO Network operational mechanism:the three-tier meeting

It is an important mechanism for the POs to connect with each other

Seasonal meeting

Every 3-4 months, the heads of the POs of the ministries and departments will gather together. It is a concept of upward management. It is to let these officers know more about what POs have done and what assistance they need.

Monthly meeting

Each month, POs get together to talk about what's been dealt with recently and what else they want to do next.

Collaborative meeting

They are held twice a month in principle. After the PO monthly meeting vote, the selected host organization can prepare the coordination meeting in which other POs can also participate.

PO Network Tips

What is a PO in charge of?

In the event of a complex and diverse issue, POs may form working groups within the agency or further assist the head of the agency to plan an appropriate policy formulation process in accordance with the principles of an open government. They allow different stakeholders to participate, improve policy with a more comprehensive perspective, and orient the policy as soon as possible.

Do tirtiary organs have POs?

Yes. At present, the Council of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Ministry of Finance have all appointed POs.

Type distribution of POs?

There are three types of business in the public service related to PO:management or comprehensive business, informants familiar with related tools, and public relations responsible for communication. As a result, ministries usually assign relevant business colleagues to the post. The current distribution of PO types is as follows:57% in comprehensive regulations, 25% in information, and 18% in public relations.

The term of PO? Can they serve consecutive terms?

In order to give the PO colleagues rotation opportunities, but also to give more colleagues in the ministry access to the work, it is suggested that the Ministry change the PO every year, but it is not mandatory. The number of consecutive PO colleagues from the first to the second was about 57%. 108 year will be the third.

How many collaborative meetings have been held?

A monthly meeting votes for 1-3 topics, and up to now a total of 42 collaboration issues. Among them, serial no. 28, 33, and 39 decided not to hold cooperative meetings at the stage of the pre-meeting, so up to December 107, 39 meetings were held.

How many ministries will have POs?

There are 32 secondary central organs under the Executive Yuan, all of which have POs.

How many POs in total?

Ministries vary in the number of assigned POs. Some assign one member and others assign 6. There are 78 POs in total in the 32 ministries.

Progession grade distribution of POs?

The Executive Yuan does not require a certain grade of staff to serve as the PO. Of these 78 colleagues, the higher rank is about 44% while the middle level is 56%.

How many monthly meetings have been held?

The first meeting was in March 106 and there were 22 times up to December 107.

Statistics from December 107